3rd International Symposium on
“Aromatherapy & Ayurveda: Living in a Fragrant World”

21st – 22nd April 2018 (Saturday to Sunday)
Venue: Hotel Moscow, Belgrade, Serbia



Dr Malte Hozzel, the founder of the „Oshadhi“ brand and one of the most influtential figures in Aromatherapy today. 

Recent advances in Aromatherapy and EEG clearly indicate that the aromas, used for spiritual and religious purposes for thousands of years, raise our consciousnes to hitherto unknown heights. 
Dr Malte Hozzel, one of the foremost aromatherapists of the century, will be teaching the Alchemy of Blending and the use of the blends in creating Yoga – the Unity of Life, on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.












Dr Malte Hozzel received his Ph.D. in 1979 from Heidelberg University in world literature and linguistics.
Dr. Hozzel is an internationally renowned author and lecturer and has given courses and spoken at countless congresses around the world on Aromatherapy, Yoga and meditation programs since 1972.
With the time, essential oils became a major focus of his interest, and thus the seed for AYUS Essential Oils Intl. was planted. Years of research in the field of Aromatherapy culminated in a selection of several hundred essential oils and many other herbal products. 
Over the years, AYUS’ products have become one of the world’s purest collection of essential oils, known particularly to experts for its wide range of rare species essential oils.
Dr Malte Hozzel has given lectures and seminars all over the world: Germany, France USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, UK, Belgium, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Japan, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, India, Philippines, Morocco and Tunisia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

WORKSHOP, Saturday 21st March 2018, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Dr Malte Hozzel, Germany

Price: 43 €


Yoga of Scents: The Alchemy of Blending

Introduction: On Natural Perfumary 
•    Getting to know working palet
•    How to work with aromatic materials
•    Olfactory register, defining notes
•    Accords, structure of the parfumes
•    Aromatic preferences; choosing the personal accord
•    Safety in using natural perfumes











Slobodanka Poštić

“My fascination with Aromatherapy has been continuing for two and a half decades now. And the passion is still not waning! In the meantime, I have completed the course on Aromatherapy at the Pacific Institute for Aromatherapy; the Massage Therapy Course; Co-authored and conducted the educational programs for aromatherapists, approved by the Ministry of Education of RH; conducted collegiums, wrote curriculums, mentored, gave workshops and lectures; wrote a book; “A as Aromatherapy” (2005 and 2009); wrote a handbook Fragrant calendar (2008.),  As I said – my fascination with Aromatherapy is a chronic condition…”

SPECIAL GUEST: Rhianon Lewis


WORKSHOP, Sunday 22nd March 2018, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Slobodanka Poštić

Price: 43 €


„Fragrant Alphabet“ 


The Rhiannon Lewis, professional biography:
•    Director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants: providers of research, education and information in the field of essential oils
•    Editor of the “International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy” that has been running since 2004
•    The host and organiser of the “Botanica” conference series – the fourth edition of which – Botanica 2018 – is taking place in England the 31st August-3rd September
•    International lecturer in clinical aromatherapy
•    Rhiannon Lewis has been influential in the evolution of the clinical aromatherapy style as practiced in cancer and palliative care settings around the world.

Rhiannon has been living in Provence, France for 20 years and her specialty is teaching about essential oils in hospitals, with a special focus on oncology and palliative care.


Person’s living with life-limiting disease encounter numerous psychosocial and physical challenges to their health and wellbeing that can be assisted by the judicious use of essential oils and related products. In this engaging presentation, Rhiannon will provide concrete evidence-based and experiential examples of the potential of aromatherapy in clinical settings such as cancer and palliative care.  She will explain why essential oils and aromatic care strategies provide empowering coping strategies for all stages of disease -  from diagnosis, through treatment to survivorship and ultimately to end of life care.

Theme: Medical Challenges: Aromatherapy, Cancer & Palliative Care

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